Ammolite Gemstones Ammonite Fossils Difference Between Ammolite and Ammonite


Ammonites and ammonites; these two words are so similar and are often confused with each other. This article's objective is to painstakingly explain these two words and provide a clear cut difference between them. Also, in this article, you'll learn about the characteristics and importance of Canadian Ammonites/Ammolites.


Ammonites were living sea creatures that belonged to the phylum mollusks and are in the class cephalopod. They are closely related to animals such as octopus and squids. Ammonites lived in a spiral shell, and they are said to have sharp beaks like jaws and tentacles.

Ammonites went extinct about 66 million years ago. When ammonites died, they sank to the bottom, was covered with sediment, and were buried in layers of sediment. Canadian Ammonites are now found as fossils that have been exposed by erosion along the river banks of Alberta, Canada . Ammonites are found throughout the world, are perfect index fossils and are among the most common fossils found today as they lived together in groups and reproduced extensively.   Only in Alberta, Canada are Ammonites found with a wide spectrum of colour, debate arises as to why Alberta Canada is the only place where Colourful Ammonites are found.



Ammonite is organic and unique gemstones that have optical properties (there is significant colour shift found in the gemstones). They are made from fossilized shells of ammonites, and they contain the chemical compound aragonite, which is the same mineral composed in nacre (mother of pearl).

For Ammolite gems to be formed, they were buried deep under the sea without oxygen and heat. Ammonite Gemstones created from Ammonites are rare and are found only in Southwestern Alberta in Canada. 

Ammonite has a rich history with the First Nations in Southern Alberta, was identifed by European explorers in 1903, and is well recognized for it's brilliant array of color, hence it is used as jewelry which separates it from other fossil materials. It can be found in different colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, violet, indigo, orange, often with many colours being found on a single gemstone.   

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