How Ammolite Relates to Feng Shui

Feng Shui and Ammolite

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Gemstones have properties that are distinct to their color, shape, or the way it is formed.  Ammonites are rare and unique gemstones that have optical properties and are made from fossilized shells of ammonites. They are spiral-shaped, and they possess a brilliant display of colors.  Its beautiful colors are said to radiate health, energy, creativity, intellect, and wisdom.

It's unique properties made it popular among the Feng shui masters. A famous feng shui master Edward Kui Ming Li, began to list ammolite attributes to his followers and referred to it as the most influential stone of the millennium.  Many Feng shui experts believe that ammolite has absorbed a large amount of positive energy (Chi) from the earth and universe, and this energy can be found in its brilliant array of colors.

Due to this tremendous earth energy (qi) it possesses, it is also believed by Feng shui masters that ammolite has a positive effect on an individual's Chi, which helps in detoxifying the body, improving the health and general well-being of an individual. It is also believed that it helps with depression, anxiety, and stress as it brings more positive energy, which helps bring relaxation and ease to mind.

This unique gemstone also brings stability to those wearing it and not only them but also to their environment. A continuous and harmonious balance of five elements is observed (fire, water, earth, metal, and wood). Hence It's usefulness as a great meditation, and grounding tool has been discovered.

Feng shui masters also believe that since ammolite is an ancient stone, it holds the universe's absorbed knowledge. When placed in homes, it is supposed to produce a happy family by restoring harmony and well-being to homes. Feng shui experts also use this gemstone to promote wealth and financial security. It is believed that anyone who owns the stone is entitled to wealth and prosperity. When placed in offices, it is expected to promote profitable business.

Its seven colors are orange, purple, blue, jade green, emerald green, yellow and red. The Feng Shui masters refer to Ammolites as the seven color prosperity stone—each of the seven colors having its unique attributes. Red represents love and good luck; it stimulates growth and energy.

Orange helps increase libido and enhance creativity; Green represents fertility, growth, helps business, and improves wisdom and intellect. Yellow represents better health and balance; purple supports authority and power; blue brings about better knowledge, promotes health, and brings peace and calm. There are lots of benefits that we get from this gemstone.

To increase the ammolite gem's effectiveness, it is essential to display it where the Earth Feng shui element is the strongest, in the west, northwest, southwest, center, southeast, and East. Ammonites that are primarily red should not be displayed in the north corner of your office or home as they are governed by the element of fire and hence should be placed in the south corner.

Ammolite is indeed a mighty and influential stone.   Empire Ammolite manufactures and supplies Canadian Ammonite and delivers Ammonite Fossils and Ammolite Jewelry.

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