Canadian Ammonite / Ammolite: A Rich History of Iniskim

Buffalo Stone Iniskim is the First Nations Word for Canadian Ammonite

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This Article is great to explain the First Nations History of Iniskim often referred to in English as "Buffalo Stone".  Colorful Ammonite Gemstones and Ammonite Fossils found in Alberta Canada.  Click on Inniskim Above to access First Nation History.

Empire Ammolite honors the rich history of the Blackfoot Nation in Southern Alberta Canada.   We source much of our Ammonite from First Nations Sources in Alberta which are known to have some of the best Canadian Ammonite available. 

Ammolite is a iridescent gemstone formed from Canadian Ammonite and is found only in Alberta Canada.  

Check Out How You Honor Ammolite's History with your own Ammolite Gemstone.

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