Canadian Ammonite and the relationship to Chakra Red

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At birth, the first color one comes in contact with is red in the form of blood; within Feng Shui this represents the life force's color. Chakra Red means energy, vigor and carries with it the promise of survival. As the Root Chakra, Red, is the foremost of the seven chakras. Red is also physically related to the adrenal gland whose function is flight or fright response (the survival instinct). It is commonly believed that people who are attracted to the color red enjoy being in their physical bodies.


Ammonites and Ammolites are a popular gemstone, and this is due to its brilliant array of color, with green and red being the most common colors. The Feng shui masters refer to ammolite as the seven color prosperity stone.  They believe that Ammolites have a positive effect on one's Chi ( flow of energy), which helps in cleansing and detoxifying the body.  It is also believed that when this stone is kept around, it possesses healing energy that helps both mother and child during childbirth.


A Red Chakra is also believed to be useful in overall body mechanisms, treating osteomyelitis, lifting depression, and awakening cellular memory.  The Red in Ammolite is further said to improve stamina and physical vitality and also stabilizes blood pressure and pulse assisting in overcoming degenerative disorders.


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