Slove Ring Sizing at Home and Solve Ring Twist Problems

Measure Your Ring Size at Home

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Worried about buying a ring online and getting the correct size?   You don't need a jewelers ring sizing kit to determine your correct ring size ... read on!

Measuring you ring size is quite easy, just read the following article and your good to go.   Empire Ammolite will ship any ring size you desire.   The chart included goes into detail to the half size (example 5.5), but with a little math: Empire will happily size your ring to the quarter size (example 5.75).   HOW TO SIZE A RING AT HOME

A common problem may also be "larger" knuckles: well you may be a little sensitive about this but you are not the only one; knuckles are larger than your finger, LOL ... so you are in the majority!  Sometimes getting a ring over a knuckle requires a larger size, and then ... the ring has a habit of turning on your finger.   No worry: we have a solution for this ... just let us know and we will deliver it for you.  Works well and assists in solving a little problem encountered by many.   Select "RING TURN ASSIST " when ordering, or send us a message.


Empire Ammolite has a full design and manufacturing team.   As artisans Empire Ammolite develops solutions to real world problems and delivers unique designs for the Modern World.   Check out our website for a full line of Ammolite Jewelry.

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