Why Ammolite Jewelry is an Excellent Purchase Choice

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Ammolite is a unique organic gemstone that has been recognized by the Colored Gemstone Commission in 1981.   The source of Ammolite is Southern Alberta, Canada and the Gemstone has a rich history with Indigenous Peoples in that region.  The color spectrum of Ammolite has lead it to be compared to a Rainbow or Aurora Borealis.

My wife owns a fair amount of jewelry: go figure since I am in the jewelry business.   Some traditional stuff like a diamond engagement ring but also some very special pieces that have sentimental value like a tiny heart pendant (first piece of jewelry I gave her, took a little adventure ... but was later found in a parking lot, now with a tiny dint that is so cute!).   Every time my wife changes what jewelry she is wearing it reminds me of something, some place, some event.   I gave her an Ammolite Pendant a year ago, not because she needed yet another piece of jewelry ... more because I am in the business, well ...  this pendant has become part of her repertoire.   Almost without fail when we are out of dinner the table attendant will mention: "that is a stunning pendant, what is it?".  A bit disappointing that that it is not on the tip of their tongue "Ammolite", but then again ... Paraiba is not household conversation either!   The point here is that Ammolite is unique, Ammolite is Noticeable, and Ammolite is a Conversation.   I can think of no other piece of jewelry that she wears that brings as many positive comments; it now reminds me of having great conversation, good times and dinners out with my wife!   

Ammolite is popular for it's spectrum of color and color shift.    All seven chakra colors are found within Ammolite which has made it a favorite of Feng Shui masters.   Not only are there many colors in Ammolite but there is also significant color shift which makes the gemstone ever changing in appearance.   Viewing Ammolite in a picture rarely provides the full beauty of Ammolite, Ammolite requires movement to display the ever changing spectrum of color ... Ammolite Shimmers in Light.   An Ammolite Video or on a person wearing Ammolite it is a totally different experience than a two dimensional picture.   An Ammolite pendant often display three, four of five colors with dramatic changes making an evening wearing a pendant unique in every moment a conversation piece, just like the evening evolution of the evening itself.  Truly unique to Ammolite the color shift happens at the angle of light and is not dependent on the quantity of light, so strolling at sunset will display different colors than at a candlelight dinner moments later.

Patterns of color in Ammolite vary greatly.  Group 1 Colors: Red, Orange, Gold and Yellow and Group 2: Green colors are commonly found, with Group 3 Colors: Blue, Teal and Purple being rarer.   The price of Ammolite increases with vibrancy, color shift presence and the mix of colors on the same gemstone.  Unlike with other gemstones that sell by the Carat, Ammolite's value is more linked to the the appearance of the gemstone than physical size; this feature makes Ammolite very wearable, easily recognizable and a conversation piece.  Ammolite Jewelry can easily be view the other side of camp fire!


Ammolite is attractive to those that wish to be in touch with nature.   As a organic gemstone the link with Mother Earth is strong, furthermore Ammolite's origin with Indigenous Peoples and relationship with Feng Shui, re-enforce the connection with Nature and Flow of Energy.   The connection with the Earth, History and Feng Shui blessing is said to bring luck, wealth, and health to the holder Ammolite.

So bring some romantic conversation to your life, own a Ammolite Jewelry piece and enjoy luck, prosperity and health.

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